Are you considering renting a car or van in the near future? Perhaps you are moving home or planning a family adventure. You might also be relocating to a new office or visiting friends. These are just some of the situations which can be effectively addressed through the use of our specialist car and van hire services. Still, there are a handful of variables to address in order to make the best choice. Our friendly team is always here to answer any car hire questions that you may have surrounding the terms and conditions and much more. One of the more common car hire questions we get asked is about the duration of our contracts, we provide both long term car hire and van hire options. So what car hire terms and conditions must you be aware of? What is the average rental time to expect and how can you avoid going over any predetermined limitations? These are some of the topics that we will cover throughout this article.

Basic Car Hire Information: What is the Average Length of Time?

While this might vary slightly from company to company, the majority of individuals tend to procure a rental contract that lasts between one week and ten days. This generally provides you with the ability to tackle any pertinent tasks without being pressed for time. There are nonetheless instances when the car hire terms in question could be modified to suit a discrete project, in such cases we would organise long term car and van hire.

A Quick Look at Temporal Extremes

One of the most common car hire questions involves how long is too long. Will companies limit the ultimate duration of the associated contract? In this respect, many firms will provide a cut-off time of 28 days (four standard weeks). We should still remember that a growing number of individuals are living rather mobile lives. So, some companies have now extended their contractual car hire long term limits by up to as much as three months for customers.

We should also consider short term car hire periods. In many situations, companies will seek to work in tandem with the customer in order to accommodate a tight time frame. So, you might very well be able to hire a vehicle for a single afternoon or even for only a few hours for a business trip. Be sure to speak with a qualified representative to learn more about your options as well as any relevant car hire terms and conditions.

Car Hire Long Term: Other Options to Consider

We should keep in mind that most common car hire terms will charge you by the day. If you happen to require long-term solutions, a lease may be the best alternative. The chances are high that the rates will be more agreeable while you will still be able to choose from a host of modern vehicles.

Might it be Possible to Rent a Car for a Year?

Unless you a dealing with an extremely specialised service, the chances are high that you will be subject to the cut-off limitations outlined above. However, you might still be able to modify the associated terms and conditions in order to meet certain logistical requirements (such as if an office relocation is expected to last for an extended period of time). Let’s keep in mind that it is always possible to simply renew a short term car hire contract immediately after it has expired. This might even be provided as an automatic service option by some firms.

Altering the Initial Agreement

The car hire terms and conditions cannot be modified without first consulting with the firm. This is important to realise if you learn that the vehicle will be needed for a longer or shorter period of time than was initially stipulated. As opposed to breaching the contract or encountering additional surcharges, make it a point to speak with a representative and to explain your situation in detail. They may very well be able to change the terms so that you will not encounter any inconveniences.

Always Perform Research in Advance

The best way to address any relevant car hire questions is to carefully review all of the terms and conditions well ahead of time. For instance, are you provided with unlimited mileage, or are there additional fees once you reach a certain threshold? What types of surcharges will you be required to pay if you happen to exceed the length of the initial contract? How many points of contact are you provided with in the event that you encounter an issue or have a problem? What have previous customers had to say about their personal experiences with the firm in question? Try to answer all of these questions before committing to any type of contract.

Have you been less than satisfied with third-party car hire services in the past? When only the best will suffice, Newbury Vehicle Hire will not disappoint. Please take a few moments to speak with one of our qualified representatives by calling on 01635 44 519. We will be happy to answer any questions about contractual lengths as well as other issues that you might wish to discuss further.

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