As England begins gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, workers are facing the challenge of following government advice to go back to work but to ‘avoid using public transport’(1). At Newbury Vehicle Hire we recognise that for members of our community who usually rely on buses or trains for their daily commute this is a daunting prospect at an already stressful time. Returning to work is an essential step towards normality but the expense of purchasing a car for commuting purposes is simply not feasible for most households. Fortunately, our team are here to offer you a convenient and affordable alternative. Let’s take a look at the benefits of our low-cost hire car service and how it provides a safe, independent and reliable way for you to travel to and from work during these difficult times.

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Navigating The New Normal Of COVID-19

Workers across England are following social distancing requirements and this means our public transport system is currently operating at just 10 per cent of its normal capacity (2). Current GOV.UK Safer Travel Guidance for Passengers (3) recommends considering ‘all other forms of transport before using public transport’ plus to ‘keep your distance from people outside your household… (and) not be too close to other people for more than a short amount of time, as much as you can’. Respecting these guidelines is essential, not only for our own health but for the health of our family’s, our transport workers and other key workers. Arranging alternate transport to and from our workplaces also ensures that access to England’s public transport system can be prioritised for key workers enabling them to continue their life-saving work throughout the COVID 19 crisis.

The Real Cost Of Owning A Car

It definitely makes sense to have your own independent form of transport during this challenging time. However, buying a car is a daunting and expensive prospect that is simply not financially possible for many households. Whilst the largest individual cost involved with car ownership is undoubtedly buying the vehicle, also bear in mind that you will have the cost and worry of the ongoing MOT, insurance and maintenance expenses. Plus it is worth considering, is owning a car practical for you in the long term or is your main need for a vehicle due to the current circumstances we are facing? Could you be risking purchasing and having to maintain a vehicle that you are not going to be using on an ongoing basis?

Make Life Easier With Our Low Cost Hire Car Service

One safe and convenient option for your daily commute is to consider the benefits and competitive cost of car hire in the UK. At Newbury Vehicle Hire we are renowned for providing our customers with the exact vehicle they need, when they need it, at a great price. As a long-standing member of the West Berkshire community we understand that the safety of our customers is paramount during these troubling times and we continue to provide our extensive selection of vehicles, all professionally deep cleaned, fully serviced and well maintained yet still at our consistently cheap car hire rates.

A Reliable, Affordable Alternative

Our extensive and modern selection of small, large and executive vehicles are available in both manual and automatic transmission, for daily through to long term hire terms. So whatever your individual needs you are sure to find the ideal hire vehicle for your requirements. Our experienced rental team members pride themselves on providing you with great value and no hidden costs. You can access our Online Instant Quote and Booking Portal to quickly and conveniently compare different vehicle options and access our cheap car hire rates easily. All quotes include VAT, insurance cover for one person and full UK breakdown cover.

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Your Safety Is Our Priority

From the moment you book your car hire with Newbury Vehicle Hire, you can be assured that we will enable you to stay mobile and independent whilst safely adhering to social distancing. We set high standards for cleanliness and safety and are taking additional preventative measures to protect our employees and customers at this challenging time. To ensure we meet our customers’ individual needs contact-free car hire is available plus the peace of mind of knowing that our modern cars are each deep cleaned prior to your collection. Your car hire arrangements can all be safely arranged online and via phone including via our secure online payment system.

In today’s challenging environment we recognise that the cost of car hire in the UK is competitive but what truly sets Newbury Vehicle Hire apart from our competition is our large, modern fleet of well-maintained vehicles combined with our professional, proficient and friendly service. We take great pride in ensuring that as lockdown restrictions ease you can easily access a safe, convenient and independent way of travelling to and from your workplace. To all our current customers and for anyone considering the benefits of low cost car hire for your travel to and from work we are here to assist your enquiries via phone, email and our online Quote and Booking portal. From all the team at Newbury Vehicle Hire take care, stay safe and remember we are here to help make your return to work safer and easier.


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