Freedom of movement makes a huge difference in our often busy lives. Now that the ‘lockdown’ is beginning to lift, you are likely to find yourself needing to use the roads more frequently. You may be planning an upcoming summer seaside break, recommencing the daily commute to and from your workplace whilst avoiding the hazards of public transport or considering buying a new car but wanting to try before you buy. Whatever your requirement, hiring a car offers a quick, convenient, and cost-efficient solution. However, although we know car hire is a great solution, understanding how to hire a car and what you need to hire a car in the UK can be confusing. Here we provide a guide to car hire requirements in the UK and answer your questions.

How To Hire A Car In The UK

There are many car hire options throughout the UK but it is worth doing some research to find a reputable car hire company who provide clear information on what you need to hire a car. Be aware of what you may need to provide to entitle you to hire a car and prepare all documents in advance to ensure your car hire process can be arranged quickly and easily.

What You Need To Hire A Car In The UK

Most car hire companies will require the following identification/documentation:

UK Residents:

  • Full UK drivers licence if providing old paper style licence you will also need an additional form of photo ID.
  • A valid photo ID (passport, ID card, driving licence). Plus a form of ID that proves your address, eg. utility bill or bank statement
  • DVLA code this code enables you to share your licence details and information on any penalty points or disqualifications with the car hire company. Some companies may ask for your National Insurance number and they will get a DVLA code when you collect your hire car.

Foreign Licence Holders:

  • You will need to show your Foreign Licence. For Non-EU citizens, an international driving permit is required if the licence is not written in English.
  • Also provide your passport and 1 other form of ID plus confirmation of your home address, proof of return travel and the address you are staying at in the UK.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Hire A Car In The UK?

Age requirements for hiring a car in the UK differ between companies with most hiring to people aged 25 years and older. If you are over 70 years old you may need to provide additional information and gain permission from the vehicle hire company’s insurer. Some companies will hire to drivers aged under 25 years however surcharges may apply and there may be restrictions on the type of vehicle that can be hired. To confirm how old you have to be to hire a car in the UK and what you need to hire a car check directly with your local reputable car hire company who will advise on their requirements.

Can I Hire A Car Without A Credit Card UK?

Credit card is often the preferred way to hire a car however some companies will allow you to pay any deposits and car hire rates with a debit card. As each company has different processes the best answer to ‘Can I hire a car without a credit card UK?’ is to check directly with your local reputable car hire company who will be able to confirm everything you need to know about how to hire a car from them.

How Long Can You Hire A Car For?

There are a range of short term, long term and weekend vehicle hire options available. Contact your local reputable car hire company to discuss your individual car hire requirements for the UK so that suitable arrangements can be made.

Choose A Quality Car Hire Company

A quality car hire company make it easy to understand what you need to hire a car. Newbury Vehicle Hire are long-standing members of the West Berkshire community and are recognised for providing an extensive selection of modern vehicles, all deep cleaned, fully serviced and well maintained. Selecting the right type of vehicle at the right price is made easy via their online instant quote and booking portal and their professional rental team is available to answer any questions you may have via phone or email. Contact Newbury Vehicle Hire here, to discuss your car hire requirements and their professional, proficient and friendly hire team will provide practical and cost-efficient car hire options for you to gain the freedom of movement you need in your busy life.

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