Winter is often the most challenging time for business fleets. At this time of year, there tends to be increasing demand for various types of services. While it is essential to be able to satisfy customers during this time, purchasing extra vehicles is unlikely to be the best solution. In addition, vehicles need extra maintenance during the winter months to keep them in top condition. Here are some key ways to keep your fleet moving during the winter.

The Challenges of Winter Weather

It is essential to make sure that your fleet is perfectly maintained before extreme winter weather strikes. If vehicles are not fit for the road, there will be delays during the service period. This will result in an inconvenience to clients and potentially a loss of business.

The winter weather in the UK can be extremely unpredictable, with cold snaps occurring at virtually any time. The motorways and service lanes are prone to ice and snow, which can be dangerous if vehicles are unprepared. It is essential to have vehicles on hand that can navigate frost, snow and wet weather.

Enforced Downtime

Even with regular use and maintenance, enforced downtime is inevitable during the winter months. This can occur for several different reasons. It can be difficult to start vehicles that have been out of service for a while. This can be a real issue if your business demand suddenly peaks and you need to utilise vehicles that have been standing dormant for a while. Making the necessary modifications to your vehicles for icy weather can also take time, resulting in loss of business in the meanwhile.

Increased Demand

The demand for delivery services and a wide range of other services dramatically increases in the winter. This is especially noticeable around the Christmas period. Companies that are unable to cope with the increased demand are likely to have to turn away business. This means that they will miss out on new clients, which could lead to profitable reap business and referrals. It is essential to have access to additional vehicles that can be relied upon at a moment’s notice as demand increases.

Vehicle Hire

In this case, vehicle hire is an excellent option. It is possible to hire well-maintained vehicles for a few days, weeks or even months, depending on your specific needs. When the increased demand returns to normal, you will be able to return the hired vehicles, saving you the cost of having to maintain and service them throughout the year.

Peace of Mind

When you rent a vehicle, you can be sure that it will have been perfectly maintained and ready for the road. The rental contract will include Stringent Service Level Agreements, which are commonly known as SLAs. These SLAs specify that the vehicle is guaranteed to be legally compliant. Rental vehicles regularly undergo a wide range of safety measures to ensure that they are in peak condition. This includes a full MOT and a Preventative Maintenance Inspection. If you operate a goods transportation business, Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations can also be catered to.

The Rental Experience

The dedicated team at Newbury Vehicle Hire ensure that all vehicles are perfectly maintained at all times. Customers are provided with a professional and friendly service while ensuring that the needs of all types of customers are met at all times. The fleet of vehicles is regularly maintained to make sure that they are perfectly working at all times. Having additional rental vehicles that you can arrange at a moment’s notice avoids the need to miss out on important business. Your regular clients can also take satisfaction from knowing that their needs will always be met.

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