If you do not own a car or if your car is in the garage for repairs, finding safe transportation options can be tricky. Although buses and trains follow strict coronavirus cleaning regimes, you are likely to want to limit your exposure to large groups of people as much as possible. In addition, the government has advised that travelling by car is much safer than relying on public transportation.

Choosing the Right Car Hire Company

However, deciding where to hire a car from is an important consideration. You need to be certain that you are choosing a company option for yourself and your family. A reputable company such as Newbury Vehicle Hire will be happy to answer your questions about safety and cleaning processes.

Should I Clean Hire Car Before Use?

Due to the rigorous coronavirus cleaning programme that car hire companies undertake, you can be sure that the vehicle you receive will be perfectly sanitised before you step inside. Therefore, you will be able to drive your rental vehicle away as soon as you pick it up. However, you may still wish to sanitise the car yourself, just to be on the safe side. You may also wish to wear a facemask while in the vehicle and provide facemasks for your passengers.

Which Areas of the Vehicle Require Sanitising?

If you wish to sanitise the car hire vehicle again yourself, focus on areas of the vehicle that are regularly touched by the driver and passengers. These include the steering wheel, the steering column, the central console and the accessory panel. Pay close attention to the cup holders, compartments, door pockets, door handles and all other parts of the door interiors.

Next, pay attention to the seats. Sanitise the full length of the seatbelts as well as the seat surfaces and the seat pockets. Other areas to concentrate on include the areas between the seat and console, the instrument panels, the rearview mirrors, dashboard, visor mirrors and gearshift.

It is also worth paying attention to external areas of the vehicle that are likely to be touched by passers-by. These include the exterior mirrors and door handles. It is a good idea to sanitise these areas on a regular basis.

You can clean and sanitise the various areas of the vehicle in the same way as you do with your house keys, wallet and other items. Sterilising wipes should be sufficient to kill all types of bacteria to make sure that the vehicle is perfectly sanitised.

Should I Clean The Hire Car After Use?

It is always a good idea to collect any rubbish from the inside of the car before returning it, as a matter of courtesy if nothing else. This also allows you the time to do a final check to make sure you have not left any valuables inside the vehicle. However, the vehicle will be cleaned inside and out by the company you hire from as soon as you return it, so there is no need to be too vigilant.

Routine Cleaning Process

Each time a vehicle is returned to the car hire company, the vehicle is valeted inside and out. However, since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, most reputable car hire companies also sanitise key areas of the vehicle. Here at Newbury Vehicle Hire, we have been going to great lengths to ensure the safety of our customers and we always thoroughly clean and sanitise each of our vehicles.

How are Car Rental Companies Protecting Drivers from COVID-19?

Social distancing is the key to preventing COVID-19 from spreading. Therefore, car hire companies are minimising contact with customers as much as possible during the pandemic. This includes encouraging customers to wear face masks when visiting our premises and only allowing one customer at a time to enter the counter area.

Please ensure that you do not visit our premises or arrange delivery / collection if you are suffering any symptoms of COVID. If you experience COVID symptoms whilst a vehicle is on hire to you please notify a member of our Rental Team so that we can discuss the appropriate action to take when you rental comes to an end.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. Give us a call on 01635 44 519 for more information.

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